Admissions & Referrals

The strong ethical and principal-based philosophies of October Road, Inc. allow us to focus on the individual needs of each of our clients. We plan and deliver all of our services within a continuum of evidence and best practice driven care. Services include assessment, treatment planning, individual and group counseling in order to provide a full continuum of care.

October Road, Inc. typically takes referrals from local case management agencies such as Employee Assistance Network, TASC, drug court and local management entities (screening and triage unit). If you are involved with one of these agencies, please see your case manager and request a referral. Individuals not already seeing a provider may also refer themselves to our program. We do not discriminate against any patient in relation to admission, treatment, discharge, continuing care or employment based on race, color, religion, creed, national origin, sex, disability (including limited English proficiency) or sexual orientation.  We offer priority admission to at-risk populations including IV drug users, women with children and preferential treatment services to pregnant women. 


Outpatient Referrals: Call 828-350-1000 or fax our referral form and our ACTT forms (as needed) to 828-350-1300

Recovery Residence for Men Referrals: Call 828-545-7496 or fax our referral form, last clinical evaluation, and current medication list to 828-350-1300


We accept the following forms of payment: Cash, Check, MasterCard and Visa
We accept the following insurance: We accept a variety of third-party/commercial insurances and NC Medicaid and can serve uninsured individuals

Proudly Serving the Residents of Western North Carolina in Buncombe, Henderson, Madison, Yancey, and Mitchell Counties.
Visit our outpatient facility in Asheville, North Carolina to learn how to grow in recovery and improve your life.