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Outpatient addiction Counseling & Therapy for Adolescents

Adolescence is a time of rapid change and development. This is when teenagers start learning what the weight of responsibility feels like as they strive to make friends, succeed in school, and prepare for life away from their parents. This is a lot to handle all at once, and it can take its toll mentally and emotionally. October Road is here to help. We offer outpatient behavioral health counseling and treatment services for adolescents in Charlotte, and surrounding areas.

Our behavioral health treatment programs include outpatient therapymedication management, and peer support. We also have an intensive outpatient program for adolescents (13-17) who have mental complex mental health conditions, co-occurring diagnoses, or behavioral and substance use problems. This program is for patients who have completed inpatient or residential treatment and need a high level of support. Patients meet after school three times per week for three hours each session.

Our compassionate team works closely with patient and families to develop trusting, open relationships where people feel comfortable speaking freely. We use Acceptance and Commitment Therapy as our curriculum and model of care.

How to Recognize Behavioral Health Problems in Teens

Teenagers can be very secretive and reluctant to discuss their problems, especially with their parents. This can make it difficult to determine if they are experiencing emotional stress or displaying the usual adolescent angst. Trying to get them to talk and open up can be helpful, but it does not always work. It’s up to parents to observe their child’s behavior, without violating their privacy, and scan for symptoms of behavioral health problems.

The following are some indicators that your child is suffering from symptoms of a behavioral health disorder:

  • Feeling intense fear, stress, or anxiety over seemingly minor events such as a social gathering or test.
  • Abnormal eating habits and frequently expressing concerns about weight or appearance.
  • Drinking or substance use. Although it’s not unusual for teenagers to experiment with these occasionally in social situations, using substances on a regular basis is a cause for concern.
  • Difficulty making with others or making friends in school.
  • Obsessing over achievements or being “the best”.
  • Making comments about depression or suicide.

Treatment Designed for the Individual

Many potential underlying factors can drive a behavioral health disorder. A “one-size-fits-all” approach to treatment will not be effective. At October Road, a master-level licensed clinician performs a Comprehensive Care Assessment with every patient to learn more about them and start developing a personalized treatment plan. From there, we use evidence-based practices to help patients understand the forces driving their anxieties and find ways to manage them. Our compassionate team is passionate about the work we do and helping every patient achieve a positive outcome.

Our Programs

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What Makes Us Different

Programs Tailored to You

The staff at October Road strives to ensure that each and every person that comes in gets a program that is specifically tailored to their needs and experiences.

Small Facility

Don’t be just a number at a big facility that you can get lost in, give yourself the opportunity to be cared for at a small facility from staff that knows who you are.

Highly Trained Staff

When you come to October Road you are getting help from industry experts that are highly trained and have the experience it takes to support you.


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