Programs at October Road

Outpatient Rehabilitation Programs in North Carolina

Deciding to seek help for addiction or a behavioral health problem is one of the first and most difficult steps. Now that you’ve made the positive decision to move forward, you have to find the rehabilitation center that best meets your needs and has a staff that can converse with you on a deep and empathetic level.

October Road offers a variety of addiction treatment programs and behavioral health services on an outpatient basis. Programs are overseen by knowledgeable and experienced therapists, behavioral health specialists, clinicians, and other rehab professionals who work closely with clients during their journey.

What is Outpatient Treatment?

Individuals receiving outpatient treatment are able to work, attend school, and live at home while getting the help they need. This flexibility can be both empowering and challenging, as living in the “real world” means people in treatment will still be exposed to the temptations, triggers, and stressors that may have previously caused them to use drugs or alcohol or struggle with their mental health. However, outpatient treatment also provides the tools, skills, and knowledge that empowers people to manage and overcome their struggles. It can also be helpful for patients who have a support system a home that will help them maintain their sobriety and recovery outside of therapy.