In 2018, a total of 67,367 people lost their lives to drug overdose and about 88,000 people died from alcohol-related causes. Drinking and drug use can have a devastating impact on your health, especially when you have trouble controlling your consumption.

Drug and alcohol addiction is a problem that you may have to deal with your entire life, so when you choose a treatment program, you need to look for one that will teach you valuable coping mechanisms and offer peer support.

Why People Use Drugs

No one who drinks or uses drugs plans to form a debilitating substance use disorder. Instead, they might partake in substances socially in an effort to have fun and feel good. Unfortunately, once your brain experiences the effects of a substance, you are more likely to crave that experience again. Repeated use rewires your brain, and in some cases, your brain and body lose the ability to experience pleasure without the assistance of drugs and/or alcohol.

Additionally, some people use drugs to feel better. Many individuals “self-medicate” with drugs and alcohol, and others form addictions after taking a medicine that was prescribed to them by a doctor.

No matter why you start using, your recovery is what’s most important.

Who Is At Risk for Substance Use Disorder?

Anyone can develop a substance use disorder. That being said, sometimes genetic and environmental factors can increase your risk of addiction. The same factors that lead you to abuse drugs and/or alcohol may be the same obstacles you face in recovery.

This is why our team at October Road builds your treatment around you as an individual. We take a holistic approach to care, which means we cater to your mind, body, and spirit. While we use proven programs and treatment options, we also allow you to guide your own journey.

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The Risk of Relapse

While beginning recovery is one of the most important steps you will take, staying sober is a lifetime commitment. Sadly, many fatal overdoses happen when someone in recovery relapses, or returns to drug and/or alcohol use.

This is why you need to choose a program that works for you and where you can make meaningful connections. Many people say that addiction is a disease that feeds off isolation, so creating a support system for yourself can be one of the most effective ways to stay sober.

Becoming a client at October Road can give you access to not only our team of professionals but also a group of people who are struggling with some of the same things.

Together, we can overcome anything.

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