Partial Hospitalization Program

PHP is ideal for clients who have recently completed detox and/or a residential program and may benefit from a structured, multi-faceted outpatient program on their next step toward sustained recovery. The Substance Abuse Comprehensive Outpatient Treatment (SACOT) program at October Road offers more extensive care than typical outpatient rehab programs, and also has supportive housing available for non-local clients. Along with encouraging patients to redefine their relationship with alcohol and drugs, SACOT puts a considerable amount of focus on participant learning. Key programming goals are to:

  • Create a support network
  • Develop educational and vocation skills
  • Build family dynamics & interpersonal skills
  • Understand the consequences and mechanisms of substance use


Substance Abuse Comprehensive Outpatient Treatment (SACOT) is a program for people with a longer history of substance use who may also have dual-diagnosis, such as complex medical, behavior or mental health disorders that require greater support than a standard outpatient treatment program. Our SACOT program meets five days per week and incorporates case management, individual, group and family therapy, mental health education and more.

A vital part of our SACOT program is incorporating holistic services, such as experiential therapy, including art and music therapy and more. Holistic therapies are a unique way to deliver education, coping skills and life skills. A client in recovery can try any number of holistic treatments to see which are most beneficial to their recovery without negative outcomes to their treatment.

Our SACOT program helps clients understand the nature of substance use. We support clients as they develop social support networks and make necessary lifestyle changes that improve interpersonal skills, family functioning and opportunities for employment. Our SACOT program treats the whole individual to ensure the greatest possible success after PHP ends.

PHP Treatment for Substance Use Disorder

PHP offers group and individual counseling as well as family support and crisis planning. SACOT can be adapted or combined with treatments that address mental illness, disability and other factors that contribute to substance use disorders. SACOT also has the flexibility to address the needs of pregnant women or mothers, clients who have attended rehab multiple times, HIV-positive clients and others.

During treatment, clinicians may connect clients with public and community resources to ensure the greatest success and outcomes after they complete the PHP program. By replicating the structure and support aspects of SACOT, clients are set up for a successful transition period.

PHP Schedule — 30-day program, Monday through Friday, 9:00 am to 3:30 pm.

Supportive PHP Housing

We offer supporting housing for clients in our partial hospitalization programs who reside outside of our local community.  Male clients live in the nearby River House or Dream House and female clients live in Grace House. Clients in both house receive the same PHP treatment, though with the added benefit of 24-hour support. Care is carefully coordinated between residential and clinical staff. Contact us for more information.

River House – Supportive PHP Housing for Men

Dream House – Supportive PHP Housing for Men

Grace House – Supportive PHP Housing for Women