About October Road

Drug & Alcohol Addiction Treatment Center Serving North Carolina

October Road is a behavioral health and substance use treatment services provider based in Asheville, North Carolina. Our center was founded in 2006 in response to the growing need for high quality, consumer-driven recovery services and a strong belief in the potential for people to grow and create positive change in their lives.

On April 30, 2012, October Road was acquired by Pyramid Healthcare, Inc., a behavioral healthcare and substance use treatment provider for adults and adolescents, headquartered in Altoona, Pennsylvania.

October Road strives to support consumers by actively participating in integrated care models, assisting our communities in developing recovery-oriented systems of care and providing proven, evidence-based treatment. We offer a series of relevant training topics of interest to our service providers.

October Road provides services in Asheville and surrounding areas.

Work With a Team Invested in Helping You

At October Road, our entire team is passionate about what they do. We know how addiction and substance abuse can affect individuals and families as a whole. Treating an addiction requires more than setting up a healthy routine. A holistic, compassionate approach that caters to the mind, body, and spirit is essential to the process. The October Road team strikes a careful balance between warmth and professionalism.

The first step to receiving treatment at October Road is to meet with a master’s-level licensed clinician to complete a Comprehensive Care Assessment. The purpose of this assessment is to help us determine the best services and most appropriate level of care for our clients. From there, we can start building a personalized treatment program that starts by addressing the client’s most pressing needs.