Specialty Services


Adult behavioral health services help clients learn ways to manage anxiety, depression, grief, overwhelm and many other difficult or confusing feelings. Our clients make positive life changes and learn techniques to address situations when things feel out of control. These new skills can contribute to feeling more fulfilled in life and can be applied to family, relationship and work issues.

Our behavioral healthcare program is for adult clients, ages 18 and up. Depending on your needs, treatment may consist of counseling, medication management, support groups and more.

Outpatient Therapy and Medication Management

This in-person service includes both individual and group therapy sessions, as well as medication management. We offer a variety of skills-based groups for support and education, including:

  • Men’s Group
  • LGBTQ+ DBT Skills Group
  • Self-Esteem Group
  • Living with Disability Group
  • Back from the Blues
  • DBT Skills Group
  • Steps to Master Anxiety
  • Love and Logic (Parenting Group)


Sometimes the best support comes from someone who has experienced a struggle similar to your own. We believe that employing highly trained individuals with lived experience has been a key component in client satisfaction. Our peer support staff are certified as North Carolina Peer Support Specialists, have maintained their sobriety for some time and can offer unique insights and empathy, bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience to the services we provide.

 A Peer Support Specialist takes on many jobs, including:

  • Advocating for people in recovery
  • Helping clients set realistic goals
  • Training clients on important life skills
  • Educating family members and support people about addiction
  • Developing programs and resources for addiction recovery
  • Leading support groups
  • Sharing their skills and stories with others

Peer Support Specialists receive direct supervision from licensed and clinical staff. Their roles find them in everything from basic treatment services to more complex and specialized programs tailored to the individual.


October Road is a North Carolina State Certified DWI Assessment and treatment provider for residents of North Carolina and out-of-state residents. Assessment appointments are available at our Asheville location. Call (888) 201-5086 to schedule an assessment.

After you have submitted your assessment and treatment fees, and have completed the recommended treatment, we will finalize the necessary paperwork that allows you to move forward in the legal process to regain your driver’s license (State form 508).

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to bring?2023-02-22T20:28:25-05:00

Please bring a copy of your ticket/citation and make sure it has your recorded Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) on it. You can request a copy of your ticket from the courthouse in the county where you received your ticket. You will also need your driving record, which you can get from the DMV by paying a $10 fee.

What is the cost?2023-02-22T20:27:50-05:00

The cost is $100 per DWI assessment and $100 per DWLR (driving while licensed revoked/suspended) for NC residents. However, cost may vary depending on individual circumstance. If you received an assessment from another provider or another state, but want to complete treatment here, there is a $50 transfer fee. The final cost of the group depends on how many treatment hours the clinician recommends. We will provide you with an estimate prior to treatment.