Reaching recovery from opioids is a hard-won battle. Thankfully, though, there are some major perks that can help to motivate you when cravings are intense and your stamina is at a weak point. Here are the top six benefits to look forward to when you’ve begun treatment for an opioid addiction.

1. Clearer thinking

No one knows better than you that in the throes of an opioid addiction, thinking is clouded. Not only is your cognition muddled by the toxins flowing through your brain, but all your thoughts revolve around getting that next fix.

When you break free from opioids, you take back control of your mind and your thoughts. Instead of frantically planning your next use, you can orient your mind towards constructive, hopeful and happy thoughts. Substances won’t be getting in the way of rational thought so you’ll be able to actualize the life you want to live.

2. You’ll be in control of your finances

Opioids can be wildly expensive, regardless of how you acquire them. Not only that, but when you’re free from an opioid addiction you don’t have to live in fear of legal consequences. Instead, you’ll be able to maintain a steady income so you can invest in things that really matter.

When you’re not using substances, you’ll be back in control of your money. There may be financial obstacles to overcome at first, but soon you’ll be saving for your future, and not for the next high.

3. You’ll have healthy relationships

An addiction distorts everything- including the motives of the people around you. When you’re free from opioids you won’t have to worry about why people want to spend time with you. You’ll also make bonds with new, positive influences and rebuild bonds with loved ones that have been broken.

The intimate relationships in your life will be renewed, too. If you’re in a committed relationship, you will find that there are fewer arguments, less financial struggles and a brighter future ahead. If you’re currently dating, you’ll find that people are more attracted to you when you’re not chained down by opioids.

4. You’ll find enjoyment in other things

When you’re weighed down by an addiction, you don’t have time, energy or mental power to learn new skills and enjoy new hobbies. It’s likely that even old hobbies fell by the wayside. Getting treatment for an opioid addiction means you’ll be able to engage in new passions that brighten your life and bring you new meaning.

You’ll be able to find new enjoyments because you’ll feel better in your body, with room in your budget to soak up all life has to offer.

5. You’ll find new meaning

Opioids can force you to ask existential questions like “what is the purpose of my life?” and “what is the meaning of suffering?” When you are a slave to drugs, the answers to these questions may seem bleak. When you’ve embraced recovery, you will see the world from a new point of view.

Each individual will find his or her own meaning in life in the journey of sobriety. Pursuing treatment and life-long freedom will help you to answer life’s big questions with a hopeful perspective.

6. You’ll feel alive again

Getting the toxins out of your body and learning to overcome physical cravings is one of the hardest battles of recovery, but it also produces the sweetest results. Your body will feel brand new after overcoming heavy opioid use. You’ll feel stronger mentally and physically.

Every ache and pain that accompanies addiction should be a reminder of what lies on the other side. Everyone deserves to feel at home in his or her body. Do not let opioids deprive you of that comfort for another day.

Taking advantage of freedom

If opioids have a hold over your future, you can benefit from professional help. There’s no denying the benefits of opioid treatment are significant, but only you can ask for them.

If you are ready to start taking back the reins in your life, call October Road at 888-632-9760 or schedule an appointment to learn more. We offer a variety of programs for drug and alcohol rehab, including the resources to help you get free – and stay free – of the influence opioids can have. Evidence-based methods and individualized treatment can get you to where you want to be – and soon.

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